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FUA accessory / ripple necklace GOLD/3 rows

FUA accessory / ripple necklace GOLD/3 rows

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FUA accessory / ripple necklace GOLD/3 rows

Discover the serene beauty of the ocean captured in our ocean-inspired necklace. Made with delicate glass beads that resemble the soft splashes of sea waves, this necklace brings a touch of tranquility to your look. Each bead is thoughtfully placed to mirror the peaceful movement of the tides, inviting a sense of calm with every wear.

The design of this necklace beautifully balances the power and gentleness of the sea, showcasing subtle changes like the ocean's waves. The addition of bright gold thread highlights elegant curves, adding a feminine touch to the piece.

Perfect for anyone who loves nature's elegance, this necklace is a versatile accessory that complements any outfit. It's a gentle reminder of the ocean's timeless beauty, ideal for adding an elegant yet understated touch to your daily style. Wear it as a piece of the calm and majestic sea with you, enhancing your everyday with its serene charm.

Product size: Total length 800mm Width 50mm

What is FUA accessory?

The concept is "time"

We create accessories by crocheting with keywords of past, present and future.

Nostalgic memory and sentiments that floating gently in the mind. The beginning time that comes to everyone and every moment, and the future. Time is the accumulation of small miracles.


It is made of threads, beads, freshwater pearls and natural stones that the artist encountered.

The accessories, which are woven together like time, and sprinkled with the essence of play, add a little sparkle to the time.

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