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FUA accessory / DOOR bracelet Special volume PINK

FUA accessory / DOOR bracelet Special volume PINK

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FUA accessory / DOOR bracelet Special volume PINK

This "DOOR" bracelet holds countless doors (= new worlds) in your hands and makes you expect a dramatic encounter. The door motif that folds over and over while pointing in all directions has a striking impact that makes it take center stage in the overall styling.

Since it uses clear glass beads and pink gold thread, it has both a classic atmosphere and a glittering transparency. Its appearance changes depending on the viewing angle and the reflection of light, and it looks gorgeous in bright places and has a nostalgic charm under subdued lighting.

Product size: Total length 160mm Width 50~55mm

What is FUA accessory?

The concept is "time"

We create accessories by crocheting with keywords of past, present and future.

Nostalgic memory and sentiments that floating gently in the mind. The beginning time that comes to everyone and every moment, and the future. Time is the accumulation of small miracles.

It is made of threads, beads, freshwater pearls and natural stones that the artist encountered.

The accessories, which are woven together like time, and sprinkled with the essence of play, add a little sparkle to the time.


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