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FUJII SEIBO / Paper blade side slit crochet beige

FUJII SEIBO / Paper blade side slit crochet beige

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FUJII SEIBO / Paper blade side slit crochet beige

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Body: Unclassified fiber (paper)/polyester

Ribbon: Rayon

Product size: 35×30×16cm

Uses melange colored paper blades made mainly of Japanese paper.

The front part has a slightly longer brim that provides perfect sun protection. In addition to the roughly tied ribbon, the slits on the sides create a feminine silhouette.



Establised in 1948 as Fujii Hat Store, we operate the sole direct retail location on Onomichi Seaside Street. Known not only as a city of slopes, temples, literature, and film, but also as the warm and beautiful central city of the Setouchi area, Onomichi has now become a popular tourist destination for a wide range of ages.

With the hope of becoming one of its attractions, we introduce products filled with the technology and passion of Fujii Seibou, focusing on our original brand

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