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KITCHIBE / likestone HOME FRAGRANCE TUMI+12 STICKS<gray></gray>

KITCHIBE / likestone HOME FRAGRANCE TUMI+12 STICKS<gray></gray>

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"KITCHIBE / likestone HOME FRAGRANCE," is a collaboration between Shiono Koryo with over 200 years of fragrance-making history, Houzan Kiln of Mino ware, and organic designer TAKUMI SHIMAMURA/Qurz Inc., creating a new home fragrance.

The fusion of Japanese tradition and modern design brings a new atmosphere to spaces with the beauty of ceramic stones and fragrance.

Drawing inspiration from Japan's millennia-old fragrance tradition, KITCHIBE conveys the delicate fragrance culture to the modern world, providing a soul-stirring experience.

*FRAGRANCE OIL is sold separately.


Material/component: Ceramic

Product size (cm): 15.0 - 11.2 - 7.5 cm

12 STICKS <Gray>

Material/component: Polyester

Product size (cm): φ0.3 x H30 cm


In Japan, there has been a culture of burning incense wood and enjoying its aroma for over 1000 years.
Believing that Japanese sensitivity to fragrance resonates across countries and cultures, we created the brand KITCHIBE.

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