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Material/component: Green tea

Product size: 13 x 13 cm (thickness 2.5 cm)

[Pesticide-free cultivation] Sencha Okumidori from Uji-Wazuka, Kyoto (Tubun Hakusan Shrine, covered for 13 days)
The variety is “Okumidori”
A variety that accounts for approximately 3% of the national production. This variety has a refreshing taste as well as umami and sweetness.

Harvest time: First tea (new tea)
In Wazuka, it is possible to harvest three times a year. No. 1 tea (new tea) is the softest, highest quality tea leaves with the most flavor of the year.

Covering period: 13 days*
Tea that has been coated for about two weeks is called "covered tea."
Blocking light increases the amino acid content of tea leaves, resulting in a tea with a strong sweetness.
*Covering is a cultivation method in which the tea garden is covered with a black sheet to block light before harvesting.

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