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P/OP / Re-Bear by COYOTE Slick Lick..

P/OP / Re-Bear by COYOTE Slick Lick..

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P/OP / Re-Bear by COYOTE Slick Lick..

material: wood, lacquer

Product size: Width: Approx. 19cm
Height: approx. 11.5cm
Depth: approx. 10.5cm

[Work description]
"Drawing with Words" means "drawing with words." The form created by writing words in hiragana is a unique technique derived from calligraphy. This Drawing with Words can be said to be a new artistic possibility that transforms the hidden power of words into the afterimage of the smooth lines of hiragana.

Drawing with Words
"Nothing is brought down from heaven without a purpose."

This is a work drawn with these words. Drawing with Words refers to a method of drawing using words.
This is an Ainu proverb that states that everything that exists in this world is a gift from God, and that everything has a role to play. The Ezo brown bear of Hokkaido was worshiped as a god said to appear in different forms to bestow blessings from the mountains on people.

[Artist introduction]
COYOTE Slick Lick

Stars in the eyes are proof of those who live in the present.
The earth rotates so fast that we are constantly thrown around.
The time to shine is short.
That's why I want to live my life to the fullest.

-Crafting Japan crasus at Kyoto Takashimaya
-""FREEDOM"" at menson rage
-Horsemesse at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
-Crafting Japan crasus at JR Takashimaya
-""Drawing with Words"" at menson rage
-DARUMA Art Show at HUG Coffee
- Artlifetokyo Art Show at Nakameguro Lounge
- The Goodland Market at URBAN RESEARCH Minamisenba
- ""How Low?"" at THE_GALLERY
and more...

What is P/OP?

"P/OP" is an art project that creates new value by replacing traditional Japanese tansu with "paulownia wood" and using acrylic boards with the same characteristics of being light and easy to process.

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