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P/OP / Re-Bear by Ryuichiro Kawaue

P/OP / Re-Bear by Ryuichiro Kawaue

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P/OP / Re-Bear by Ryuichiro Kawaue

material: wood, oil paint

Product size: Width: Approx. 22.5cm
Height: approx. 13.5cm
Depth: approx. 13cm

[Work description]
When I started working on this piece, I first wanted to make good use of the unevenness of the surface that is unique to wood carving, and I focused on how I could effectively show off that expression.
Once I re-carved all the parts that I was interested in with a chisel, I finished the shape of the bear itself and the digging marks to my satisfaction, and then added coloring to take advantage of them.

[Artist introduction]
Ryuichiro Kawaue

1994 Born in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture
2016 Etchu Art Festa Encouragement Award 2017 Excellence Award (Toyama Prefectural Civic Center Toyama City)
2018 GEIBUN9 Graduation Exhibition Akira Yamaguchi Award (Takaoka City Museum of Art, Takaoka City)
2018 Graduated from the Design Information Course, Faculty of Art and Culture, University of Toyama
2018 Selected for the 92nd National Art Exhibition for the first time (The National Art Center, Tokyo, Roppongi)
2018 National Exhibition Painting Department Special Exhibition - A Challenge for Young Artists - New Eyes (The National Art Center, Tokyo, Roppongi)
2018 Ryuichiro Kawaue Exhibition (Gallery Ikihi Saga City)
2019 2020 Yazutsuka Akira and Kawaue Ryuichiro two-person exhibition (Gallery Ikoi Saga City)
2019 biennale toyama2019 (Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art, Toyama City)
2019 Ryuichiro Kawaue Exhibition (Gallery Rutan Ginza)
2021 FACE2021 Selected Sompo Museum Shinjuku
2022 Ryuichiro Kawaue Exhibition daily life Gallery Tonelico Kanazawa City

Current member of Japan Federation of Artists

For me, painting is about releasing my free spirit.
When I say painting, I don't think that painting only happens when I'm facing the canvas.
I think that everything in daily life, such as eating, excreting, sleeping, and sexual intercourse, is part of drawing.
I want to create works that can liberate the spirits of those who view my work.
Also, this kind of work is my driving force.

What is P/OP?

"P/OP" is an art project that creates new value by replacing traditional Japanese tansu with "paulownia wood" and using acrylic boards with the same characteristics of being light and easy to process.

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