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P/OP / Re-Bear by yama.

P/OP / Re-Bear by yama.

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P/OP / Re-Bear by yama.

material: wood, paper, soft vinyl

Product size: Width: approx. 22cm
Height: approx. 13cm
Depth: approx. 12cm

[Work description]
The ``curiosity'' and ``nostalgia'' of childhood are wrapped up in current inspiration.
[Artist introduction]

1992.7.7 Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture
Since 2014, I have been working as an artist based in Gunma, mainly focusing on collage expression.

Exhibited at DESIGN FESTA vol.49
Exhibited at UNKNOWN ASIA 2019
Exhibited at DESIGN FESTA GALLERY Exhibition 2019
DESIGN FESTA GALLERY Exhibition 2020 Exhibition Elsweyr Travelogue CD Jacket Production
Cross over in Taiwan Exhibitor
guest room CD jacket production group exhibition BURGERS exhibition
Preface l Participated in group exhibition “Closed”
AAA gallery GREEN exhibition “Collage Exhibition” (THA blank GALLERY)
Solo exhibition “spice” (Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu)
2022 | Group exhibition “Fragment” (Gallery Art Point)

What is P/OP?

"P/OP" is an art project that creates new value by replacing traditional Japanese tansu with "paulownia wood" and using acrylic boards with the same characteristics of being light and easy to process.

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