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SOMEYA SUZUKI / Cachecoeur Apron Rose Gray Cypress

SOMEYA SUZUKI / Cachecoeur Apron Rose Gray Cypress

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SOMEYA SUZUKI / Cachecoeur Apron Rose Gray Cypress

Material/component: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
Button: Shell dyeing: Hinoki

Product size: Length 112-118cm
(3-step button adjustment)
Rose Gray: Hinoki dye

A special wrap-around apron that looks just like a dress. You can enjoy the natural aging of the plant dyes while using it. It offers the charm of being stylish enough to wear out in the neighborhood, as well as functionality such as ease of movement, and putting on and taking off. Both aspects are valued. An apron that makes daily chores and work more enjoyable. Just like choosing clothes, find your favorite piece of Someya.

What is Someya Suzuki?

Someya Suzuki is a brand that dyes plants by hand.

We bring you the colors of plants and trees that add color to your daily life and change beautifully over time.


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