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SOMEYA SUZUKI / Stole Gray Yashabushi

SOMEYA SUZUKI / Stole Gray Yashabushi

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SOMEYA SUZUKI / Stole Gray Yashabushi

Material/component: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
Dyeing: Yashabushi

Product size: 112 x 192cm

Gray: Yashabushi Dye

A luxurious, large-format stole made with generously used organic cotton lawn fabric. It's light yet warm as it traps air, making it convenient to carry around. Its simple design makes it versatile for any gender or age, suitable for various occasions. It's perfect for spring and autumn, as well as for protection against the summer sun and winter cold. An all-year-round item that allows you to enjoy the colors of nature. It is also perfect for souvenirs and gifts.


What is Someya Suzuki?

Someya Suzuki is a brand that dyes plants by hand.

We bring you the colors of plants and trees that add color to your daily life and change beautifully over time.

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