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USUKIYAKI / Ryohana lotus petal plate L

USUKIYAKI / Ryohana lotus petal plate L

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USUKIYAKI / Ryohana lotus petal plate L

material: porcelain
color: white

Product size (cm): Φ24.5 x 2.5cm
The design, which unfolds like a lotus flower, is finished by hand down to the finest details, creating a " fluctuations " similar to the aesthetic beauty of nature. Its form, like that of a sculpture, casts shadows on the table, producing a beautiful expression.

What is Usukiyaki?

Rooted in the phantom pottery that existed in the Usuki domain during the late Edo period yet ceased after just over a decade, "Usuki ware" has been revived. We are working on convey the kiln culture of Usuki City, Oita Prefecture.

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